Saturday, August 6, 2011

Salsify fritters

Heh. Well, as the song said 'You load sixteen tons and what do you get? another day older...' Still no sign of payment for the last book. I know. Authors are supposed to shut up and put up. It's an irritation. Anyway, onwards. I went down to the wharf this evening on my own (as Barbs was still feeling shoddy), and did get a couple of squid - one early on of about a kilo, and lost his fellow traveller. (they often appear in twos or threes) and then had a very frustrating couple of hours with the squid being very shy. The water was clear as gin (but not as expensive. You can drink as much you want to) and I could see them - long diamond shaped darts hanging in the water the way bricks don't. I got quite a tour of passing wildlife - a Port Jackson shark, a pufferfish, and a big black stingray - around the four foot wide mark, that swam slowly past like big dirty sheet undulating its way through the current. Some little trevally came and hung about, but mostly it was this one #$#$ squid that was determined to drive me into leaping into the water after it. Eye-balling the Jig from about six angles, chasing it... but not quite taking. I did get one more, but that one is still out there.

Cooked Salsify fritters tonight. Not worth it as a method - too much fritter, not enough salsify. So far it tasted best gently simmered in butter.

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