Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, another day at the office. I've done some writing, some admin, some raking of cut grass, some muttering because Barbs was working and the afternoon weather wasn't too bad. This evening we had our little board-games meeting and played something called scattegories - which once you get the idea (and toss the stupid irritating clock away) is not a bad game for an author.

I've got to get the second half-water-tank filled and ready for planting. The downside is I used all my horse manure and all my compost on the first one, which is doing well. I need to prep for tomatoes and summer veg. I hope -with potatoes growing in the field next door that I'll have enough space then. I should all in all have about 50 square meters plus the tatties under cultivation. That I hope will do. I have about 6 square of herbs and I have some more in pots.

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