Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weeellll. The plumber came around and scratched his head. The plumber's mate scratched his head too (not really, but an essential job for plumber's mate's. Think about it.) and told me: we'll have to get the back-hoe in. They said that the soak-pit isn't working... well surprise. The water table is about 4 inches down right now. I said how long could that take, because I was starting to gargle... They said it could take years.

Anyway, final dentist bit today and so I'm a little full of pain med. I really was battling to type earlier, and set a world record for typos even for me.

I had to do my bit for B this AM and bake her a quick cake for CWA. Got a frantic call from her out at work to say she'd just discovered it was her turn. One day I'll make them Gin sorbet. On second thoughts, no. They already laugh far too much.

In the meanwhile the rain comes down down down and I need to go for a little walk in the garden. It's that or gargle.

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