Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spiked in the leg by a flying fish

Well, Barbs was. Jamie was trying to throw a flat-head back and it did the backflip with the last minute twitch and flew over his head instead to land in Barbs leg with a gill-cover spike. It could have been worse and been a gurnard perch. We're being rewarded with a bit of beautiful weather again.

We went to a garage sale just before that, which was rather sad. One of the teachers is leaving the island, and selling off her 'stuff' rather than transporting it. She had loads of floundering, diving, fishing gear... She is leaving having been, I gather lonely and unhappy here, with no-one to do these things with. It's, I guess, a lot easier as a couple and not a young single woman. And yet... we've found the island a good place, made some good friends, and it by now feels very like home. Anyway, from a no waders (but one leaky pair)family when we arrived, we are now a 3 pairs waders (and one leaky pair I need to repair) family. We've acquired all sorts of useful bits we really didn't need but might...

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