Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Another of those days in which I didn't achieve a whole hell of a lot. I did my usual writing blog on Monday night, and for some reason it got Instapundited and got about 4000 views - and 50 odd comments. Which I have to reply to... I did try to go an catch some more cat-wrasse (to get a brain rest)but the sea was 'orrible. The colour of tea, full of weed, and breaking right over our favorite fishing rock. So we came back to look at another boat my mate was interested in (only it was the wrong boat!) and I did do some writing.

It is interesting to see the approach of spring here. The plants are definitely perking up, the days are slowly getting longer and less cold, the birdies hearts are turning to love... I've seen various ones - I think a pardalot (but no, I did not count the spots) collecting nesting shed-dog-hair (and are they ever welcome to it!) and several amorous courting couples. And a one morning fence stand this AM when the black ones with bright yellow beaks were on the boundary fence in the dawning... hop hop hop... he sidles up to her, and she eyes him with a bright speculative eye... and he jumps up. A few moments later he lands on the fence again... hop hop hop... sidle closer and has a second attempt. Lands on the fence again, perhaps breathing a little fast... and hey, presto! she goes hop hop hop sidles up to him... and he flies off hastily. She waits perhaps half a minute and flies off in the other direction, perhaps to Reno.

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  1. Naw, naw, he's playing "I'm not interested" and she's playing "hard to get." Give it time, they'll end up with a HEA... eggs in the nest, a 9-to-5 job for him, all that stuff. I mean, where do you think we got all those well-worn romance plots, if it wasn't the birds?