Monday, December 26, 2011

Dead Rat morning.

There is something about the delightful feel of a disembowled headless rat under your bare foot first thing in the morning to really set you up for the day. You should try it. I can offer the cat-headless-rat-provider, free! Okay, not really. I am very fond of my kitties... but the... shall we say vari-colored 1970's carpet in shades of yellow, brown, and orange is wonderful camo for ex-rats and is almost the precise shade kitty-kibble vomit. You may wonder how I know these things. It must be my infinite wisdom or something.

We had a morning thunderstorm this morning, which was rather odd, but did prevent me taking any more boxes out there. My back says that was good.

We finished cleaning and sanding the floor and put the first layer of varnish on to it. I cut more grass, and dug over more garden (in both cases only 99.8% to go. Don't knock, it, it's a start, and if there is one thing you can't teach a novelist, it's being in it for the long-haul.)

Peter arrived with Helen, Jock, maiw-maiw and the kitchen sink. Well, quite a lot of 'stuff' - including two really nice spears and some handlines for moi.

So all in all maybe dead rat morning has something going for it.

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