Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well, the stove is un-wired, (We now have that modern invention - the wireless stove, good for sending news hot off the baking tray). The greasy object will have to be carried out and put in storage, and have its place taken by our gas stove. I've taken out the extra bits of makeshift wood that someone had extended the counter with to fit the much smaller standard electric stove, so we're ready to go. The fridge is in, the stove-space ready. The plumbing fiddling has been done to the best of my ability -the one 'loo cistern will no longer fall off the wall, and I've stopped the one overflowing in one way - but I think the seal at the bottom is less than perfect so it is slowly dribbling water into the 'loo. The U bend under the sink is missing a rubber gasket, and was also plumbed to take a dishwasher (we don't have one either) and the little inlet was simply left open when the last dishwasher owner (quite some time back, I'd guess) took it out... so in both cases the water has done the chipboard of the MDF bottom of cupboard beneath the sink no good. Nangetty was certainly a very lovely home once, but time and a sequence of bachelor farm workers living there have done it no good.

I've done some more cutting of the hayfield.... um lawn, and walked out beyond the water tank and discovered several holes big enough for errant Volkwagens, and what I think may be part of the grey water soak... open. Also some some firewood cutting... of the dead fallen trees. Add all this to some lawn-cutting here.

In between this some writing has also occurred.

Life is a bit stretched, although the weather looks good for diving or fishing tomorrow, it probably won't happen.

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