Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On an unprescedented scale

Well, yesterday I spent several hours with my hands down the 'clean' end of the leaking cistern at Nangetty. I say 'clean' because it may not have have the sewage but it wasn't clean, not by anyone's vivid imagination. The 'loo plainly runs off bore water, and that is full of calcium at a guess and iron - the layer of scale was only rivaled by the layer of red rusty goo. Now the idea was to stop the trickle of water into the bowl which has left a very ugly red-brown stain (that looks... vile) down the back wall of the bowl... basically the calcium and iron forming a layer...

Says Dave - "I reckon a bit of the scale is stopping it sealing properly. A good clean and Bob is your Auntie, a perfect seal..."



A good clean... and I realized that scale was all that was STOPPING it leaking much worse! The washer has gone so hard it just isn't sealing. And the needle and seat arrangement on the inflow is in much the same state... Calling Dr Silicone...

Today was the CWA annual lunch, at our place, with the major part of our move tomorrow... So two of us CWA widowers (I had to get out of the house, and another newcomer has wrecked one car on a roo, and lives far out, and is also part of our writer's group, which had its monthly get-together today - 2 hours after CWA) went off to fish for an hour at Salmon rock. No salmon, but our newb, who had never fished before was delighted by his catch of wrasse. To people who don't live here, the idea that you might get a fish every cast is exciting.

We have the big truck here, so will load some of the heavier bits tomorrow. It's a piecemeal move, as we still have a month's lease here, and a LOT of work to do there. I went up to my friend Peter's place and collected some things with wheels to make life easier... blessing every wheel. So we have a few extra people here helping tomorrow, and I'll just have to see what can get moved.

Not the family rock, just yet...

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