Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Kindle...

Life has been a bit full and hectic at the moment. Various developments I can't really talk about yet. I've also been trying to get more shorts up on Kindle and Smashwords as training for the novels, and also to improve the cash trickle. The next

is up. It's a sort of romantic ghost story...

I have another 3 to go, and some that need work first. I'm interested to see how they get on.

I also did a session - and I mean a session, at the dentists today,with Alan trying to fix a rather ineptly done root canal, in which there was quite a lot root dead and left there to make me sick from years back. Well, hopefully that's over. We had two visitors who wanted me to pose as Father Christmas for their letter. Yes, I believe they're adult - at least if compared to me. We mocked the universe for a while and argued about everything ethics to allergies and several subjects not related to either.


  1. Congrats on the Kindle!

    Let's see -- last year you were the Archangel Gabriel, and now you're being Father Christmas? Outstanding!

    How's about this: Have snaps taken of you in appropriate attire and design your own Christmas cards. Might be a great little addition to the kitty. Barbs would make a super Mrs. ... er? Is Father Christmas married? :-)

  2. Another book bought. :) A great way to start the new year. Lots of Dave's stories.