Saturday, December 17, 2011


My word... it's Saturday and I haven't posted for days. OK Thursday was one LONG day, moving the heavy stuff, with various friends doing a lot of helping. We're over half way with the big stuff almost all gone - we still need to move a big freezer and the sideboard. But the back of the move(and mine) are dented if not broken.

Yesterday I went out with Puggles and Wednesday, and let them run around the hayfield garden while I worked on the plumbing. The kitchen sink is now declared FIXED. The second loo... It's a cheap plastic (obviously replacement for the original) cistern. I've spent more time trying to fix it than I think it is worth, but I can't find one online.

In the field of the gun-license I now have my photograph taken, and will undoubtedly receive a card in due time.

Today B did some painting and I planted more plants, and dug out more grass, and wrestled a doggy fence into place around what is principally the herb bed, cut up fallen gum tree until I was majorly dehydrated, and then came home to find the final FINAL edits for CUTTLEFISH waiting. Rush-rush as Lou is off on holiday (and I need it out the way)

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  1. Congratulations on making a dent. Something I'm trying to do, too. I have 11 boxes of books in the back of my truck destined for the Friends of the Library sale.

    Lisa S. in Seattle