Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fallen from grace... fallen

Well, the roof, anyway. It was one of those the gutter gave way, the ladder top step has one one side attached, ladder did a dance and gravity won. No harm done, even to the gutter.I have a few scrapes on my arm, but landed on my feet, bent knees, fine. It's the kind of thing that reminds climbers that they too can fall from the simplest of places.

Anyway, the gutters are done -- just as well only now, the one was totally blocked and had a recently ex-rat in it. My life seems full of ex-rats at the moment.

The floors are now as varnished as they will be. Look much better.

I've dug over a bit more garden...

And I'm a tired little bloke.


  1. Sounds like the monkey has a bit of cat in him (~_^) Glad you're not injured!

  2. Been there, nearly done that. Fortunately I didn't actually lose the ladder because it's a 20 foot drop.

    PS Loved Dog & Dragon. Excellent reading for the plane to Japan.