Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No more nipping out for a quick one...

Squid on the jetty at Whitemark, that is, when we move out to Nangetty. Well, the pub will be just as far, but to very un-Australian, I'm not a big habitue of same. It's the Scots blood. I resent paying half a month's rent for a beer...

I've been writing a little, and scrubbing floors and moving stuff a lot. I took most of the rest of my collection of lumber - a flatbed ute-load (not bad for a bloke who had to leave it all behind when he came out here) over today.

I'm sure that the east coast will have squid and there will be other temptations there... but I'll miss the convenience of the jetty just here, and my mates calling (or me calling them) if the squid are in.

Took Molly for a walk today... My k9 bit on the side, as her dad is away. Poor little big dog. She sat on my foot all forlorn, when I came to take her out.


  1. Brew your own beer and ale! "Monkey Brand Beer...from the remote wilds of Flinder's Isle"

  2. QUILLY!!! We wants him to WRITE for us! Don't get him started on *another* time consuming hobby!!!! :-D

    That said, Dave, you realize you could have oodles of free "interns"? Put up a place for tents or caravans, and let the fans come do your yard work, etc, while *paying* for the privelege of staying in "Monkey's Village" -- and you'd have more time to write :-) The fact that when it's coldest in the Northern Hemi it's Summer where you are makes it even more attractive!

  3. its up as an EArc !!!!!!!! Hooray :-) :-) :-)

    "Dog and Dragon-ARC
    by Dave Freer

    Lyonesse: a world formed by magic, where a dark power struggle is underway between an ancient sorceress with her shadow army and the human subjects of Lyonesse's power-mad wizard. The only spark of hope is a prophecy that tells of a Defender who will one day come and set things to right.

    Young Meb doesn't think she's obligated to be the prophesied Defender of Lyonesse, but she is adept at the universe-folding skill of Planomancy and has been trained by a world-walking trouble shooter of the multiverse, the great Dragon Fionn himself—a dragon who is desperately searching the universes for his lost Meb, whom he's come to love.

    As the legions of Shadow Hall gather and with the Dragon Fionn fast on the way, magical battle is joined, and the destiny of universes hangs upon the courage in one young woman's heart."

  4. http://www.webscription.net/10.1125/Baen/A9781451638110/A9781451638110.htm?blurb