Sunday, December 11, 2011

Waiting for 3...

Well now it's said that disasters come in threes so I wonder what's next? First off some friends of ours kindly came over to help us clean up the house at Nangetty... and left after us and locked the yale... to which we don't have a key. Then I noticed the brake light wasn't working so I had it unbolted - it's the kind that bolts through the bin, and discovered that it was full of water, and the globe had blown. Now, in order not to lose the nuts I put them and the blown globe down on a pair of crocs that were in the back. In the heel, perfect can't roll off and get lost cup. I dried out the light fitting and left it open to dry as best as possible. Barbs decided while I was mowing grass to tidy out the back of the ute, saw the globe, picked that up, and didn't notice the nuts and picked up the shoes... They're black and somewhere in 25 yards of grass and gravel.

Anyway, I have a collection of bolts I got from Peter, and in among them there were 6 nuts... two of which fitted... (blink). So, that's fixed. And tomorrow I go a burglaring our new home -- fortunately I think I've got an answer to that too, although after the swearing I did about it deserves a few hours of penance struggle.

Let's hope 3 is minor...

for our tea I made some zucchini flower fritters with ragi flour (finger millet), with spring onion and chilli in them, and served with a spicy tomato chutney. Not brilliant, but quite edible for a gluten free thing.


  1. Here's hoping 3 is minor, as well, and the moving goes smoothly.

  2. Hoping that this is *worst* of the move, and it's behind you now :-)