Friday, March 23, 2012

All hail the King

Well the Copy Edits for THE CUTTLEFISH are in. I'm quite old fashioned (and erratic) about capitalization, but the CE nearly drove me to drink. She wanted "stand in the name of King!" to be "stand in the name of the king" and the difference between Under-London (place) and under London (as in beneath) caused some erratic caps. Anyway, done now. Back to THE STEAM MOLE. I find this jumping between books terribly difficult.

We had hail this afternoon, which I hope will not do my poor tomatoes in. Sigh. Winter is rushing towards us at a terrific speed. I have so much writing work to do that other stuff - garden and preserving (we've got yet more apples) and I need to get more winter veggies in, and clear another bit of land, and put up wind-barriers (this is the roaring 40's)

Still, we had home-made bangers and mash, home made 'train-smash' (tomato and onion gravy - what did you think it was? I, of course added chili, olives, basil, garlic and suprise... zucchini to it.) mash from our own tatties...

One day I may have more time.

But I doubt it.

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