Thursday, March 15, 2012


I did celebrate turning the Dog and dragon short by buying myself 1600 lumen Cree torch (the prices have come down so much, along with the size of these)which will hopefully help with keeping us in Wallaby (my shooting ability is not legendary, and good light helps. I'm not a 'sporting' shooter, just one with a family and dogs and cats to feed, in an area where wallaby are considered vermin and are very very very numerous). The change in lights -and prices - is just amazing. That's a better light than my old very expensive mag-light... and weighs nothing.

And so, onward.


  1. "Dog & Dragon short" ? what Dog & Dragon short? where is it? how can I buy it? etc.

  2. It should be up on the Baen site. If not right now, tomorrow. It's just a little short.