Friday, March 30, 2012

The quiet life

Oh it's a quiet life here in the country. Easy to focus on the books. rushed off and collected pipis with Norman at lunch time. Then I had the new copper come out to inspect the gun safe, and in the process picked his brains about stuff I hope to need for a book. Turns out he's a diver and involved in the SES, so we had a fair amount of common ground. Of course he is doing his homework, learning the about the district and the people, and he did it well. But that's what a country cop should do. So while he was at it Jamie dropped in to give us a notice about the power outage on Tuesday. And then the Dentist and his wife (also ex- south Africans) dropped in. And tonight was Yaga's art exibition, and then the variety show... in which Barbs was dancing.

The quiet life.

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