Thursday, March 1, 2012

a small circle

Well my writer's circle turned into one... Quenten. Ah well, we had some lively arguments about divinity, the recognition of self as an entity, and the problems with Malaria in PNG (spreading to Australia in the North) and a dozen other asides from the practicalities of water-pipe repair to frontal lobotomies. Yeah, it is kind of fun for me to wander into this sort of turf for a while too. One of the joys of Flinders - and particularly of my set friends here - is there are a fair number (disproportionate for a remote rural area, drawn here by the place and the isolation of being on an island) a lot of readers, people who are way smarter than your average bear, some just smart people and others smart and with amazing tertiary educations too. Odd for woop-woop - but this Flinders.) In the meanwhile I'm not feeling a lot better, but we continue to batter away STEAM MOLE. I'm hoping illness and other issues don't colour my writing too much. But needs must... We're doing well on the tomatoes and zucchini front, the capsicums are slowly moving... and the ping tung eggplant (supposed to be small fruit and quite fast)... just aren't. Oh well. Another front in the war to feed ourselves...

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