Sunday, March 25, 2012

I did kate (well, wallaby) and sidney (wallaby sidney) pie tonight for our tea, with a scone dough crust. I must say, with lots of thyme, some sherry and onions, it was most yummy and I'd bet few folk would have guessed that it came from hopalong and not from a cow. This week is going to be a frantic one with me working at a deadline, and B dancing in the variety show on Friday. Scottish dancing, before your lurid imaginations take you further. It's our normal board games evening (we are gay to dissipation here on the island)so i suggested that they play charades while they dance and give prizes to audience member who guesses right first. First prize one of my books, second prize two...

It's decidedly chilling off here. Winter is sniffling away at us. We went and fed AWOL & Houdini (a pair of little dogs that take escaping to the fine art level) for Quenten - and they lived up to their nick-names, by being out. They're cute little things but they are amazingly good at finding yet another way out of the fence. I appreciate my work on our electric fence (which by now is ornamental it's got so many grass stalks touching, but the dogs won't go near it - meaning they are safe from being shot (this is sheep country)).


  1. Up here in North East England we're just getting the first taste of warm weather this weekend. rep up to 17/18C and lots of sunshine. It won't last of course and its unseasonably early so proper summer (June July August) will probably be miserable weather.

    Thanks very much for Dog and Dragon by the way. Just finished it last night. Another highly enjoyable read with a really satisfying conclusion - vey Human Wave.


  2. But hop-a-long is much nicer than beef. Assuming you don't overcook it, of course.

    Your kate and sidney pie sounds yummy.