Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fire in the (cake)hole!

Okay the mysterious pale yellow peppers are... Paprika. The flesh is not firey, but a single seed had my mouth burning with a slow heat for half an hour.

If you thought Paprika was red, you and I laboured under the same delusion. It turns out they can be yellow. But I'm mildly peeved with Phoenix seeds about that one, because I'm pretty sure the description said mild and red. The flesh is however usable as green pepper, the heat is so slight.

I mowed lawn again today, gradually we reduce the wilderness. Other than that I have been busy with the copy-edit of Cuttlefish. I wonder - how many of you poor benighted American readers (well, the CE obviously thinks you are) have some idea what 'po-faced' means? She seems to think it would be beyond you. But then she doesn't know hydrogen goes up either, and seems to think bullets are on fire. (Mutter. Mutter)


  1. I'm from the southern US, and I've heard po' faced used. But then when I thought about specifically defining it for someone I was stumped. To me it's short for poor faced and means a sour expression. I googled it and see humorless as a synonym, which makes sense to me. Is that how you used it?


  2. I'm from… er, most of the US (military brat as a child, settled in Alaska after that, then wound up in New England) and I knew what it meant. Of course, I've also read a lot.

  3. Quite familiar with the expression thanks.