Monday, March 5, 2012

ping tung and the Capsicums

I've been trying without much success to grow eggplant here for the last two season. Yes, I do suspect James of feeding the plants nasty substances... but I think poor soil and short warm period have been the problem - rather like my attempts with melons... next year! Still I keep trying, and with capsicums -seeing as I got 1 plant through winter and got about 8 small red bell peppers/capsicums off it. This year I tried Ping Tung eggplant - in theory with small fruits (which mature fast) and prolific to make up for it. I've also got over 30 Capsicums in pots (and some in the ground)determined to get more.
Well, I have my first ever eggplant... only... it's one fruit. Yep One. bite size. Ah well. Back to the planting board. And the the capsicums - well they got a bit muddled, so I no longer know what plant is what. I have 1)Peter peppers (Chile, hot) 2)Lipstick (chile mild?) 3)Paprika (mild) 4)'healthy'(bell pepper not hot) 5) F1 (bell pepper, not hot) and no idea what I'm growing...
any idea what the pale yellow one is, appreciated


  1. Eggplants need acidic soil, humid air and the nights can not go below 65 or they won't set fruit. When we lived in Northern New Jersey and the temps dipped into the 60's at night my father had a plastic sheet he'd fold over them at night and pull back at day. They had poor luck in Dallas because the air was so dry. In warm, humid Charlotte they grew like fiends.

    1. Hmm. curse farenheit. Yes, night temps are too low already. OK, I was building a coldframe anyway. I guess I'll have to speed that project up.

  2. Ok, been quite humid here, have to check night temps, but I don't think the soil is acidic. I will add some pine needles. Thanks!