Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grandpa's chook feeder and visits to the whoop-whoop

Well, in the gooti (fine rain, just the wrong side of mist) I had Bill visit this morning, and bring us some the fruit from his 8 foot + italian tree tomatoes (which are tomatoes, not tree-tomatoes. The fruit are pink and VERY large. Apparently the deprived sparrows who were stealing my chook food have closed in Bill - so I was telling him about this - - a chicken feeder that keeps out the pests. Norman has one (New Zealand invention, he tell me proudly) and it's very neat. Not sure it's $195 neat!

It was kind of fun getting visitors out here in back of beyond, although I am frantically trying to write. Tomorrow I need to do a short story. Sigh. Normally i take 3-5 days do them, making them less than worth while. Barbs was off at the CWA this morning, and then off to a sustainable energy meeting this afternoon. We're weighing the possibility of solar panels, which was interesting as my friend Peter was on the blower today, saying the price had come down to a dollar a Watt... Not too sure watt this means for us, and how practical all this is...


  1. Barb was off at the Clean Water Act? I wasn't aware that was a place you could go...

    1. country woman's association :-). Like WI in the UK, sort of.

  2. If your rat problem is as bad as my parents it'd probably pay for itself within a year. OTOH if they're as big as claimed (I've never seen one); they'd have no more trouble working the feeder than the birds themselves do.

  3. Unrelated to your post, but something I've been wondering. With all the solar activity, do you get to see the Aurora Australis, ever? OTOH, you could always blame the utes not working on "malevolent solar rays" :-)