Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last seen flying east, attached to a sheet of tin...

Our Scots folk singer last night was good - not great, but good. Sadly - for me - he sang his own compositions. I wanted some of the traditional melodies and songs. Still, it had me digging the Corries cd this morning.

Came back home just after lunch to find part of the new corrugated iron flapping in the breeze, of which there was a little... interesting time with ropes and some roof work in the breeze ensued. No lives were lost, and I was actually not last seen heading in the direction of New Zealand grimly clinging to a sheet of roofing tin. It came close though.

Everyone's apples are coming in, and, although we don't have any, a lot of kind folk have given us apples. It's te way it works here. I've been peeling coring and drying and must start making some apple pulp for pies soon. It makes a change from tomatoes. I always wondered why on earth people bought extra trays for the dehydrators - now I know. Summer glut.

I did a bit of a freezer clean-out / sort today - big chest freezers are good for keeping the cold in, and everything else too. I was amazed to discover some things buried near the bottom... more wallaby cut for biltong and a lot of wallaby shanks. So we're having wallaby shank and apple pie for tea.

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  1. Dave,

    Remind me to send you my recipie for apple crumb pie