Saturday, March 9, 2013

On nothing much in particular

We had a trial chocolate dipping (we're going to do this at the fair on the 23rd) and I hope this is not too avante garde for the island. My word it is rich. I dug out the pastis this evening, and we had spiny lobster claws and legs and cold milky-coloured anise scented drinks for an evening sun-downer, before our tea, which was rather nice, if quite decadent for us. It's the heat. It's addling my brain. I'm still coughing a bit so my normal cure for hot - cold water - was not applied. I did some weeding, and some pipe repairs, and did not do the other important stuff that needs doing - more dehydrating and more cooking tomato. Work puttered slowly -re-reading Heirs books in the heat, swearing at the terrible proofing in the last one (needed doing while I was in Zimbabwe - I asked the rest of them to do it. I regret that, but I am sick of doing almost all the work for less than 1/4 of the money. I will not be doing any more books under those terms.) Anyway, tomorrow we do the chocolate for the rest of the folk involved in the stall as a further trial.

I need to shoot some wallaby for dog tucker, but the heat is a problem.


  1. Good for you Monkey, I love the Heirs books but you shouldn't be getting screwed that way. I'd rather have no more than for you to have to take that.

    1. Misty's agent screwed us royally. Misty said she knew nothing about it, but I will as a result do no more books with her or anyone represented by her agent. I am sure he thinks there are lots more meatheads out there to replace me, and maybe there are and maybe they will appeal to her audience more, as her name has not added proportionally to her share, to the sales. They are my worst paying per word books, and some of the hardest to write. Anyway, I am due to write 2 more with Eric on an equal share basis, for more money up front than I get from these in total. Misty and Eric are due to write a finale (I was supposed to, but then Baen wanted more books, and I won't go there again. So I got talked into making my last an earlier book. it has the positive of getting me out of the 3 way co-authorships. I hope the faithful audience -rather used to my writing in these, does see a difference. Vain I am,sometimes.)

      Anyway, this is going to be the year of my independent e-books, as soon as my computer system catches up with me. I just hope they sell enough to allow me to be a solo writer and as productive as possible.