Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rain, wind and work.

I'm busy re-reading the galley proof of Burdens of the Dead, as I have to produce a short story for that universe in short order. I've just finishe MUCH FALL OF BLOOD which I enjoyed very much although the villian is a nasty piece of work. I hate knowing what she's going to do. It's odd re-reading your own work.

It's the weather for this sort of thing, windy, miserable, and flurries of rain. I don't think a lot in mm, but enough to allow the rain of the day before to sink in. Not much fun for doing anything outdoors, which is a good thing for me. We're off to listen to the Scottish folk singer tonight, and given the weather I wonder what sort of audience he'll have.

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  1. Some stories about mongols, the Drachs or even about expanding how the original 4 families found the Lion.