Friday, March 29, 2013


We had some of our own melon (we have two, but they're not going to win any size prizes, either of them) with strips of wallaby biltong (in leiu of parma ham) as a snack with our Australian sherry (which has no flor yeast taste at all, so Barbs quite likes it. It's not a patch on a good Jerepigo, but these are things we leave behind. For now, anyway. If I live long enough, and make enough money for that place to put in the vines, I want to make some.) The melon was sweet, juicy and scented (it smelled just like melon) - and as we try not to buy veggies or fruit beyond the essential, like the capsicums that we've grown, they really get appreciated and savoured in their brief season.

The easter weather has turned to rubbish... well wind and rain. Good for hot coss buns and tea. And to be annoying the circling 'flu/cold/mysterious tropical disease seems to have come back. Grumble. I've been back from Zimbabwe two and a half months, and spent about a week not feeling average or very average - and most of that was in Melbourne. We've had a really hot late summer here, with some good weather, and I feel I haven't been able to capitalise on it much. If I'm not better by Tuesday, I think I'll go and pester our doctor.

Other than that, I have made some small headway with the story I am wrestling with. Barbs is going down to Lady Barron to have breakfast and see the three peaks racers but I will soldier on... I must say I don't envy the racers. It's not a fun night to be taking a sail-boat into the sounds.

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