Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tomatoes and other plantish things

Well, eight days have come gone since Tammex with their promised 3 day delivery got my money. I guess that's a lesson to me. I hope anyone else buying software or anything else to do with computers reading this picks another company to save you from learning the same lesson. Posting my daily bit has been a lot more awkward as a result, which as it hasn't been the wild week of excitement is not the end of my world. I have cooked up 5kg of tomato pulp - call it 8kg to start with, as I got rid of the skins and the juice. Life's little lessons: grow bigger tomatoes. The Stupice have done very well and are a lovely tomato, but there are a lot of them in 1kg, to slit skin and seed. The roma shape ones I have are actually more rewarding because they've got a good pulp to seed ratio. They also dry beautifully, with a sweetness and tartness balance. Oddly the little rubbish-for-salad pear shaped yellow coctail tomatoes are next best. Their texture isn't great fresh, but they dry well. We're supposed to get rain today, and if it happens, I will have to get some winter planting done. The island's downside (which is also an upside) is that sitting in a great big radiator - the sea all around us, our temperatures are skewed - we warm up later, and cool off later. Unfortunately no-one told the day length or the solar input. So you have very confused plants and now in autumn when they ought be being hoiked out to make way for the winter planting summer crops limp on, producing - my zucchini - just enough that it worth keeping them on, despite the straggly plant taking too much space.

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  1. I think most of the sun dried tomatoes we get at the grocery are Roma. I wouldn't go to too big a tomato as the large "beefsteak" varieties don't can well. See if you can order in the Heinz 1439, it's about a 6 oz tomato and is great for canning. Particularly since it's a determinant variety, all it's fruit comes in at once. You might also try an Amish Paste, they are the largest canning tomato I know of. They are indeterminate, but are also sweet enough you can use them as a slicing tomato.