Sunday, March 17, 2013

Over the top and down again

So part of yesterday was devoted to taking kids climbing and abseiling. It's a very patient but very rewarding thing. Well, if you like abject terror on tiny faces ;-)... nah, seriously, for two of them it was very frightening and they required patience and sympathy and encouragement. But they did it and did it triumphantly by the time they reach the bottom, anyway, and that's what counts. Taking on that fear, and beating it, and, um having a good safety line, and a competent belayer with 30 years of experience helps. A flurry of rain stopped us doing the overhang abseil, which would have been more challenging. We got profusely thanked, but really, this is pay forward for the people that spent time and effort on teaching us. Besides the fist pump of "I did it" is pretty good reward for the guys who helped you do it too.

Alas the rain... we had a brief mill or two - just enough to make it very cold and wet up there... need more.

I shot a wallaby tonight, we're all out of dog tucker, and need more biltong, but it has been so hot, and really, I just haven't got 100% better, and have just been so tired the last while. Anyway, hopefully I am on the mend, and we have about 5kg of meat. I have that and tomato to deal with in the morning. Oh I made hot cross this morning to make up for my laziness with the mince pies.

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