Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Island

We have arrived. Tired from a long sea voyage, where I discovered sea sickness for the first time, and realised I had never had enough sympathy for sufferers before. But we were met off the ferry by the owner of our rented house, and he showed us the house and then stood us to coffee at the local shop while we signed papers. If we can get them, he is happy for us to run a few sheep, and if Dave can manage to buy the right sort of spade, he can restart the veggie garden.

The house is perfect for our needs, we just had to dash out and buy a kettle, which we forgot to get on the mainland, and we are now set for the next year. What a relief. All my nightmares of the house were totally unfounded, I just wasn't sure about a house we had never seen.

But it all looks really good, for a great 2010


  1. I'm glad the house works for you. Although, now it has a kettle it is a home. I will admit that I was kind of looking forward to hear of the tales of Temujin Dave and his Mongol Horde of yurt-bound followers... <grin>

    But at least you still get to have some sheep like a proper Mongol family.

  2. Hurray! Sending virtual house-warming gifts and best wishes in your new home.

  3. Huzzah!

    And mind Dave doesn't get the Space Sheep. Or were-sheep.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad that it worked out with the house. Let us know when you're coming up to Melbourne, won't you?

  5. The first night was wonderful, we slept so soundly knowing we were finally here and all was finally settled. We should be in Melbourne in Sept, I have no idea of dates yet.

    The sheep will have to wait a bit, we have permission to graze them already. Dave has already begun digging in teh garden, getting ready for planting the veggie seeds we got today!

  6. Hey, Melissa, Paddy's girlfriend is planning a trip out to us in June, she is trying out various options, one is to overnight in Melbourne. Do you have any idea what it would cost for a taxi to and from the airport, for a nice place for a young girl to stay on her own??? Just a rough idea would help her decide wether to do that or take a later flight/

  7. Glad you have settled in.

    Much love. :)