Saturday, May 26, 2012

And no peacock

Well, I had hopes of having peacock for our tea tonight, but alas my invite to help remove the menace (they're feral, and several hundred of them had descended on a new planting) and add something different to our dinner table did not not materialize, as the birds had moved on. Wise birds. I'm very curious as I have been told the meat is a rather startling colour. Anyway, all things will come to he who waits.

I've sorted out a kind of hot-house for my capsicums - well some of them, with an old crate and fertiliser bag - the bag is bigger than I am and intended for commercial spreaders. I just need to check the morning sun position, and hope it doesn't freeze tonight. The door to the little hose on the flats is here, we just need to move the house slightly with the forks on the tractor - soon, and I can put on the roof.

I have a new tank too (a damaged one from the Abalone farm), which I've drilled holes in and now just need to fill with hay, manure (from horses, kindly things) and some soil out of the sheep-kraal (pens as you would call them).

And now to cook some tea. sans peacock


  1. had an online lady-freind over in Sacremento California who had an infestation of peafowl.
    We were joking about making a roadside stand of Kentucy Fried Peafowl to end the problem.

  2. I bet those peacocks are proud of their choice to move on. Good luck with getting them on the return!