Thursday, May 24, 2012

Well, yesterday was a 'I did a whole bunch of boring desk work that needed catching up on.' I also read a book. Just a novel, in one sitting. Conscience pricked (I do read a steady stream of novels. In guilty half-hour snatches, because I really ought to be working. Yes, I know this makes no sense at all. I am not sensible. I could read all day, everyday if I could find enough authors that appealed. I could play computer games. I could drink myself insensible. I could eat myself into a blimp. But I won't.)

Today was help Barbs catch up on the horse-poo vacuuming (I do the shovelling, she does the ride around and suck. But it's oh, about a 10 acre paddock of lots of little bushes and small trees and lawn. Well grass shorter than lawn mowed by wombats and wallaby. And it's steep and awkward in parts. And ornamented by well-fed horses. It's a form of art, really. Probably get a turner prize. Today also brought Baen wanting me to write some game module stuff. In my ample free time (the magic word money does seem to be absent. It will help to sell e-books from them. For which I will get 20%. Sigh. I don't know. I'm supportive of the company but when dear Lord are they and the other players going to learn by Amazon's example and pay us associates fees on every sale we send them? After all, that sale is money they didn't have without me? They all want something for nothing, as promotion is mostly for their financial benefit. I'll see. Some of it does spill over into my own e-book sales I suppose.


  1. Have you actually asked Toni about that? And the game module would be nice.

  2. Write up a contract, include your hourly charges and an estimate of the time involved.