Saturday, May 19, 2012


We went into Whitemark to the farewell for our two Doctors Sonya and Biren. I shall miss them a lot, and like many a thing - wish I'd made more time to spend with them. Biren and I spent some good hours talking about different cultures, and I deeply respected the fact that he never tried to BS me on medical things. I'm a scientist. You cannot know everything, and don't trust anyone who pretends they do. A clever man knows where and how to find the information and understands it. That was Biren. He'd look things up. And that made me trust him (and as an ex-army medic, that's a vast compliment). They added a lot our little international island, and we hope they come back.

Oh and we heard the latest about the Australian Nursing insanity. Basically it's a wonderful idea which makes sure that we'll always be short of nurses, especially in rural districts, and that discriminates against women who leave the profession to have kids. Yeah, someone deserves a medal for this. Not.


  1. Thanks Dave… The Island was and will remain a very special place for us. They welcomed us with open arms and made us feel right at home . It has made it harder for us to move anywhere from Flinders but I believe with movement comes progress ….

  2. Ah Biren, the past is within you forever. May you guys go well. I always thought we were very privileged having the two of you here.