Monday, May 14, 2012

eels? squeals?

So Barbs roadkilled a pheasant on the way home from horse feeding this morning (I was in the other vehicle (we were going different directions). She retrieved it, but it was a mess - guts all over the place, not fit for consumption. So I have taken it and put it in a yabbie trap in an old dam. We shall see if there be eels.

Lesson one in using the laser pointer on a rifle remember the error of parallax! I think I was shooting about 2 foot below the wallaby (I took the rifle along to the feeding this evening - we always see a few wallaby on the farm track) because I set the sight in the only dark spot in the day - a shed about 20 feet away.

And now back to trying to do Lou's edits to STEAM MOLE...


  1. For a .22LR that is 40 grains and is fairly "hot" with feet per second of 1225 it should drop about 3" at 100 yards. After that drop off is significant. At 200 yards it can be as much as 40". Best advice I have is to sight in at 100M, use as high a velocity round as possible and use hollow points. If you go with a heavier grain, you must re-sight. Cheap .22 ammo abounds, it is also notorious for having velocity fluctuations. Which with that light a round means your accuracy will suffer far more then in heavier calibers.

    That should be an ammo with a m/s of 335. I would recommend Winchester PowerPoint. It's made in Oz as well so it ought not be a killer price wise.

    1. I have a box of Winchester power points (which were recommended by another friend) a box of Winchester Laser points (slightly less 37.5 Gr), which the dealer sold me, and about 3 boxes of heaven knows what, that I got with the gun safe. I'll stick with the power-points in future.

  2. Hey Quilly,

    Dave's busy, as I know. Would you please explain the discussion?

    When he said he was using laser points, I thought he meant he'd taped a laser pointer to the sights. Obviously totally wrong.