Saturday, May 5, 2012

Well, I really am battling with my wallaby shooting. Having gone out to watch and learn from he local licensed shooter - and dodged the dratted things on the road... finding them is the problem at the moment (they are there vast numbers), plus a few rifle and light hassles when I do. I kind of believe in shooting dead, if shoot at all, so I tend to err on the side of caution. But last night and early this morning, I got nowhere again - compared to the pro who would shoot 40-50 in an hour - and we saw 100+. I only saw 6, and only even tried to shoot at 2... missed and managed to have the bolt not eject the spent cartridge properly and the rifle misfire the second try. The rifle I using has a very touchy bolt - if you work it too hard, it comes right out (and shouldn't) and if you do it gently doesn't extract well...

On the positive side, my carrots and beets are coming up well, and lettuce is flourishing and we're still getting a few tomatoes!

Anyway, will sort it. Just like Barbs computer, which is part way fixed.
I'm going to put some effort into another Bolg short this morning.


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    1. No. I think because it was full moon, and the wind was mostly still, it's been very hard to get closer than 100 yards, and a lot of the time they take off at 150. I agree, more stopping power would be a good thing. I'm probably going to need to get some work done (or start afresh) on the .22 I have been using. It's a loan, as the one I bought does not have sight mounts. The one I bought has a nice bolt action, and a reliable magazine. The loan has a habit of the magazine falling out, and magazine is a little worn on the lip with a tired spring so it does not always present the cartridge right. Ergo, it works perfectly 3 times, and then doesn't for 2. And if you put 5 rounds in the magazine it won't present the top one - so you can only put in 4. And the trigger pull has been modified so the bolt comes right out if you work it too hard. So I think the answer is to get the local gunsmith to fit me a mount to the rifle I bought. As for the rest - I didn't realise Tom had a strategy with wind and weather and light. I do now. I'll work it out.

  2. Oh yes, always approach game with the wind n your face, blowing your scent away from the target. Bit triky at first, but onced learned not hard. Light is yet another complexity.