Friday, May 11, 2012


I went out early this morning for my third attempt at getting some wallaby - by now getting a bit worried that I was the world's worst shot and that this avenue of protein was just not going to work for us, despite the fact that the wallaby numbers are at plague proportions. This time I decided instead of using the scope (I just haven't had time for a decent dead-rest sight-and-firing check - I adjusted it with the laser bore sight)I would try the red spot pointer laser. It worked, and I shot two and missed one. A hasty gutting and skinning had to happen before we went off to the horses and other beasties, but it did mean the 3 border Collies got bones. Happy dogs, which as it is cold wet, miserable tonight is a comfort.

Having done dressing of the wallaby, I am not sure if this counts as hunting or saving the critter from dying slowly of artero-sclerosis. That yellow... that's fat.

Anyway, the post brought me a cheque from Amazon for e-book sales(not vast, but welcome and comforting), box of DOG & DRAGON (only a month and a bit late) and a cleaning kit.


  1. Speaking of Dog and Dragon, we were in Sweden recently visiting the daughter and grandchildren and I spotted a copy prominently displayed in the SF bookstore in Stockholm. So looks like your fame is spreading.

    Melvyn Barker

  2. That is the brightest yellow fat I've ever seen. On the upside, it's good for the dogs.