Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"That's a really cool room Dave!"
"Yeah, it's a cool-room."
I spent today working on a very old cool-room we've been given from down at the fish-processing factory that they're demolishing. It's intended to stand outside, and had a rusty wreck of a roof that had to come off before it could be moved. Some of this was quite tricky - even for a rock-climber, as the roof was so rotten it could not take weight. So I had to hover above it flapping one arm really hard (needed the other to pull roofing nails) Anyway, the timbers are sound, and a new roof and we'll actually have our very own first Australian 'building' (as it is moveable. We did so, with a fork-lift today).

The horses and sheep and goats and chickens and dogs we're sitting seem to be doing well enough. The dogs - completely unused to other people - took a little while to get used to us, but have in two days moved from nervous and miserable to over-excited nuisence demanding attention and cuddles and being hyper, which is what border collies do best.

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