Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Descent of Trousers

It is a sight which will long in my memories - my friend Peter staggering toward the beach (where I am standing on the edge of water with all my dive gear, aqualung, inadequate weight-belt...) bearing a pair of rocks. I had had serious problems getting down (and staying there) diving in relatively shallow water, and had asked him to find me a rock (my BC valve was leaking a little into my BC- which I hadn't realized). It was raining, and he was wearing a long dryaza bone coat... and staggering. The rocks weren't that big and he's a big bloke... It was only when I saw his track pants waist-line appear below the bottom of the long coat that the problem was revealed. Well, so would he have been, bar the coat!

Having finished Ye Book, I have been trying to do some catch up on all the other jobs and temptations that I've skipped. Last night we went squid fishing and got... well I got an octopus, but my fellow fishermen got two nice ones and kindly fed Barbs and I on them. The octopus waits for another tea. Tonight we had abalone (as with rock and letting air out of my BC... I could get down. I also took my shotgun for a walk yesterday. It enjoyed the exercise but no turkeys or pheasants were seen for me to miss.

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