Friday, May 18, 2012

The little house on the island

The view from my window is now a little house. In the next few days it will acquire a roof, cladding and maybe even a door. It's moveable well insulated (it's a coolroom from when they made them with feet of insulation). And it's ours. I made a base for it that can be lifted with it, and if the whole of our rather fragile state of being fell apart, if we could find a spot to put it... we have a 3.2 by 2.3 room. There are plenty of folk with less.

It was a heavy exhausting job getting it to its base (and there is more to be done), but it's here now. And of course tonight, dead tired and wanting just to get back, eat and shower my sore back... Galena (sheepdog where sitting) decided to nick off. She did come back but it was a very unpopular move, making us a half hour later.

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