Friday, May 4, 2012

Time and tide...

Waited for no man, and we learned a valuable lesson about a heavy boat and an outgoing tide (and just how fast that happens). We had a lovely 4 hour wait for the tide to come in. Our fishing thus ended up being 35 minutes... and very bumpy, rainy ride back - having sat in sunshine for 4 hours (and um... tried to move the boat.) We did however solve most of the world's problems while we waited. I hope you're all grateful. So I came home to discover that Barbs' windows has fried itself and she doesn't want to lose all her games and pictures and 'stuff' so I cannot reformat ye hard drive. We have her original windows disk, and I think the answer is to put a new hard-drive in there... and we have two old ones from my children's 'fixing computer' days. Only one has wrong cable and the other wrong power cable. But I have an external HD case... only - somewhere the power-cable to that is missing without a trace. The two we have found do not look as if volts and amps are right... we have not tried this! So we decided to shoot more wallaby for dog tucker... only found 4. And rifle jammed, would not load. By the time I had sorted it out, we had none. And it started to rain so we came home. Yes, not one of your good days, but perhaps tomorrow will be better.


  1. When situations like this occur, it is helpful to have a boot CD or DVD with some appropriate utilities for copying files off the hard drive. That way you can retrieve the desired files then reformat the drive.

  2. We have it up with my son's spare HDD, and booted off the CD. Now I hope to transfer off her HDD - windose is what appears stuffed not the rest, and then reformat it.

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