Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Aerobics island style.

It struck me that I left the exciting parts out of the mill saga. You see the sawmill tractor had gone for repairs, which meant that several tons of log had to be moved with a crowbar and a chain on the front of the ute. Which um, is not too precise as the log does not STOP rolling until IT wants to. Which is not exactly when or where you'd like it to stop. And you can't stop a ton or two of log. Well, you can, but not without an ugly bloody mess on the nice wood.

So last night I was picking salad and hear a slight crunching noise. Wednesday is munching broccoli. Poor starved Labrador (for those not familiar with the breed, a Labrador is starving while its stomach will still allow the dog's feet to touch the ground.) And I have to share an office with her...

This morning had the great chookabago breakout. Or more a case warder idiocy. When I put their food and titbits next to the coop the boss chook sneaked out and stole some So now I put it in front. The 'Bago. stuck on a tussock and was not moving, so I gave a big lift and heave which ended up with the food inside the 'bago. So now I had to go in and fetch it. And I didn't shut the door because they were so busy eating the spilled food, they'd stay there. Only when I got in, they gapped. And the door was open. So we had a little early morning chicken chasing for aerobic exercise. One in two out. One in one out...

The weather being perfect we decided to take advantage of just about the only day Barbs isn't working or doing various good deeds (meals-on-wheels, Island news collating, etc etc etc. My wife has 'sucker' tattooed on her forehead - or she's just much nicer than I am.) She had CWA and work at Freckles this evening so it was a short trip, as yours truly had made but not iced her CWA cake and still had to do the Chelsea buns. We went on past Trousers point looking for a dive spot I have heard rumours of. Barbs got smashed up by a big sweep, and I proved James was right. I need a flounder spearhead (easy to get fish off) and a diving spear head. (hard to get them off). I had the spear come out of a sweep, and a magpie perch. I speared another schooling little thing (to ID it) and another Magpie, but the abalone were few and far between. Only got three. I'm trying to stick to snorkling to get fitter. It was 4 metres and my sinuses bitched then and are still writing rude letters to my head. My new wetsuit kept me toasty though... except for one foot, as I left one bootie at home, and just had a sock on it.


  1. What we need is DaveFreerHeadCam (tm) so we can witness the Chookarobics, log-rolling etc. It sounds like fun though.

    It is well known that almost all Labradors are starving all the time, it's due to the fact that they have heartless owners who prefer their dogs to not resemble blimps and thus keep them on a diet that barely keeps body and soul together. Really it's a scandal, this institutionalized abuse of the poor dogs.

  2. Smashed up by a big sweep? I hope this isn't as painful as it sounds. Barbs? You all right?