Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ja Manure, nee Manure, Three bags full Manure

This afternoon was the mission to manure. I've shoveled about 3/4 ton of 5 year old horse manure into the second raised bed, after an expedition to fetch it up at Jamie's place. I am less used to shoveling than I should be. But I reckon with another 3-4 wheelbarrows of sand added, this lot is ready for our warm season crop of tomatoes, peppers (capsicums), cucumber and maybe even eggplant to horrify my younger son (he doesn't like it, but I guess he is out of home now). I've still got enough left to prep the plant-outs for pumpkins, hubbards, melons, and the 10 new 20 liter pots. Of course they're predicting frost!

We set the clocks forward tonight, and I'm going to celebrate by going to bed,a tired little bloke, but well pleased with the muck.


  1. Your son's not the only person who's horrified. Like zucchini the only thing you can do with eggplant to result in something non gross is to compost them and use them to fertilize something edible for next year. :-/

  2. I beg to differ (although your opinion is very wittily expressed). Eggplant fried, eggplant in small pieces in mixed-veg one-skillet suppers, eggplant casserole with cracker crumbs and melted cheddar on top -- it's all good, to me.

    We don't get to set the clocks back for five more weeks. Bah! Stupid purposeless nonsense.

  3. Hey, if your son doesn't like eggplant, he doesn't have to eat it--but if that's what you cook, then I guess he goes hungry (although, being your son, I expect he knows his way around a kitchen).

    When my parents married, my grandmother said to my mother "if he complains about your cooking, just you remember, all my boys can cook."