Saturday, October 15, 2011

In which we bag and enclose things

We've been sorting out the supplies of dry goods that we got over with Peter's container... Aladdin's cave keeps pushing out useful bits. We learned a bit about 'May settle in packing' while doing the flour today. It's full... shake it. It goes down. fill it more. Shake it. fill it more... add Bay leaves and pressure. I may still vacuum pack some. Repeat process with 20kg of oats, 10 of Polenta, 5 of Barley. We vac-packed for the freezer in smaller units the nuts (pine, pecan, cashew bits, almond, poppy seeds, sesame seed) These bits in small quantities lift the food a lot and provide some of the nutrients we may miss. I have sunflower and pepita seeds too - both of which I grow - but life is too short to crack sunflower or pumpkin seeds for salad. We have about 25 litres of cooking oil, and 10 of olive, and fifty kilos of flour (excluding all the interesting ones like Spelt, Besan, Buckwheat, Barley, Atta and Ragi -most of which I only have a kilo of to experiment with) about 25kg of jasmine rice, and 30kg of 'dog rice' and 120kg of dog cubes, 60kg of high protein chook food... and a bunch of miscellania - cornflour, icing sugar, couscous - all of which had be sealed from the damp and vermin. There is dried fruit and cans of tomato and coconut cream too... We do grow and freeze a lot of tomatoes, but that ran out about a month ago, and we won't have any more for another 2-3 months. Still, if the zombies can co-operate and come now, we're full of dry goods. Peter has made our survival out here a lot more plausible, and progress a lot more comfortable. Now... we either need a container for a store-room or a bigger house!!! (Peter has a walk-in pantry made from a little container that fills me with raw envy).

I made buckwheat pancakes (thin and rolled around a savory spicy filling with some soft spinach wilting under the heat of the filling and cheese melting with it) last night. Drizzled with green sauce they were truly delicious. However as photogenic material they looked like rolled pancakes.

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