Thursday, October 6, 2011

What a busy week

We've had not only our visiting harpist and filk singer, but Peter and Aladdin's cave of wonders being opened. We had the Whitemark community center RSL fundraiser Barbs organised with Ann (the harpist)and on Wednesday (late evening) then getting up at 3.30 on Thursday to go floundering (not windless, alas, but 4 flounder and an unlucky roadkill pheasant on the way home. Pheasant was injured and had to be killed so I brought it back and we did some plucking and drawing. This poor visitor from the city who likes SCA (Society for creative anachronisms:-)) and medieval reconstructions is finding the reality of hunter gatherers... different. I spent most most the day humping great loads of stuff out of the cave - having them handed to me by the 'lad' in it. (A lad in 's cave, see) and dodging the rain, with our new Florist shop. You didn't know I was opening a florist on Flinders? Tch. And me with such artistic flower arranging skills too!) I have a whole new supply flours for it, including Ragi and Besan. Then Scottish dancing last night, and I was exhausted. So no blog. Sorry.

1 comment:

  1. A lad in 's cave...ha! :)

    Sounds like a fun week, even if it was exhausting!