Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today I got an education in how a mini-mill (for timber) works. I think it was a Lucas, but it made me green with envy and acquisitive desire. Most shopping malls have very little effect on me, but turning a Cupressus macrocarpa (Monterey cypress I think) log into 8 foot long, 1 inch thick six inch wide planks, did. If I ever make that fortune (a very unlikely thing, sadly. Authors in general battle and I'm no exception. I'd be rich for at least... a week. Have happy friends and a place of our own) the mill would come just after the land to live on. Anyway, I got a welcome to the Island present of a log now planked from the local miller and I thus have 11 good planks and another 13 I can get something out of, for my bee-hives. It's wonderful smelling stuff.

Also I finally have 4 decent tires on the ute. Hey, it's taken us 20 months to replace the dodgy lot of retreads and odd spare size that we got with the Blue slug.

I've put 3 Queensland blue pumpkin plants out in the paddock in their own patch of horse-manure. If you don't let on to them that this isn't Queensland, I won't either.

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  1. Dave, I have a feeling wer I to get you and my father together, the two of you'd talk for a week. He's wanted a mill for, oh, about 20 years now… LOL. He does have an Alaskan Sawmill, but still need to ge tthe 24" bar for the chainsaw to use it. It should be interesting to see how making our own lumber goes next year.