Monday, October 3, 2011

Laid loo

Ok, so when I should have been posting I was on the 'loo, being laid loo by a tummy bug. Fortunately it seems better today. The weather has turned warmer - well, the sun is out, and in it it is lovely even if there is still a nasty nip in the breeze - but I gather there has been quite a lot of late snow elsewhere.

Last night was cold but I didn't see any frost. Tonight is forecast still and clear again so it could an issue. Of course the tide is very wrong for floundering, and we're due to go and meet the Filk Harpist from the ferry at some unearthly hour.

I do like the summer-time clock resetting. I know some people don't. But right now it means that the sun comes up around 6.35, and sets at 7.15pm, which means if Barbs (or anyone else) is working, there is still a glorious evening of sunlight to do things outdoors. As someone who wakes at the light, it doesn't affect me as much but for the chance to fish or climb after work, it's a boon


  1. Good thing you didn't post from the throne - all those efforts would have been full of ....

  2. Oh, I don't mind the summer TIME. It's the CHANGE I despise. Let's just keep one time or the other all year.

    Your veggie beds sound great. At the moment, I am extremely envious of your rain. It's kind of like the kids starving in Armenia being the reason to clean your plate -- other folks are praying for rain, so you better be grateful for what you got.

  3. Hope you're feeling better and that everything came out all right in the end...ok that was bad, even by my standards.