Friday, October 14, 2011

Show Day

It was the Flinders Island Show today, and we went to show face. Briefly because I really really need to do some work.

Yeah. Island life. It can take you an hour to cross a single hall, because you meet a lot of people who, naturally, NEED to see you. To talk. Ah well. It's nice be in an environment where so many of the people you see are friends or acquaintances. We ended up buying some more peppers (capsicums) and a vacuum-sealing bag machine. I suspect we will be enslaved to the bag makers.

And now I have let time run away with me with writing and need to go to bed.


  1. That's what I miss most about moving away from my home-town. Every time I went grocery shopping (to separate shops like the butcher, the baker, the chemist - we didn't have a candlestick maker), it would invariably take me a while because of all the people I knew.

  2. So, after a year and a half you have many friends in a new place. That's a good thing. I expect the bag machine is too.

  3. It has helped in the nut and other thing bagging. Yeah, we really have chosen a good place to make friends. I suspect attitude helped a bit.

  4. No Candlestick maker? What a deprived childhood! :-)