Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mince and sunset

Barbs and I minced - by hand - about 6kg of wallaby mince. It does make one appreciate minced meat as a luxury not just the lowest form of meat that isn't a dubious internal organ.

We were rewarded this evening by yet another spectacular sunset. I've seen sunsets and skies in scattered beautiful places, many of them stunning. But really Flinders has the most spectacular I've ever seen (the cloudscapes and dawns too). I am a very mediocre photographer, and I have a very ordinary point-and-shoot. I can't do them justice. I think it may come down to a combination of the exceptional clarity of air, which has blown uninterrupted across 2/3 of the globe, or the angle of the sun or something. All I know is a rotten photographer here can look quite talented. click on the pics to see them full-size.

I did leeks and fennel with tomato to serve with our couscous and fish this evening. It did not look as spectacular as the view, so a picture of the mountain instead.


  1. Dave, when you get into Indie Publishing, these photos are going to be the basis for some spectacular covers. All the second one needs is a black silhouette of a flying dragon.

  2. Yes... it does look like a sleeping dragon itself doesn't it?

  3. The first one on the other hand looks like a sunset round here. Those fir trees (pine trees?) look very similar to the 'pins de provence' (e.g. or

    Actually come to think of it a number of pictures I've taken on the Ile de Porqueroles (aka Porky rolls) look similar to the coastlines of Flinders.

  4. Well, there are worse things than being told the place looks like Provence. Now if only we had the wine too...