Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In which several more things all happen at once

The island is like this. All goes slowly and then suddenly you have a rash of incidents. Ann left this morning at 12 in the teeth of a howling wind. I think this will be the bumpiest of trips over possible. On the way into the harbour we stopped at the tasports office - and happened to see the beekeeper, Andrew, there. So I introduced them - her dad was professional beekeeper too... this must have made an impact on Andrew because he saw me later as I went to pick up Barbs and said to come around and he'd show me his set-up. So we did. And came home with 3 bits for me to try and make - An ideal super, lid and base.

And then we visited Peter who was trying to find a 'home' for an elderly computer - and we know a a friend who we want to get organized with skype to see her grandkid - so more 'swaps' to organize - we now have the computer sitting on James's bed. And then I went off to Bill to sort out a spare tire (we've got 4 new ones - only downside is 4 old ones have to come off for them to go on.

Obviously the idea of having another beekeeper around had been working on Andrew so he called me this evening to give me some sites that stock various things I will need... and talked for a solid hour.

Now I need to fit a tiny bit of work in...


  1. Ian, it's the section of the hive in which the frames of comb hang (the main body of the hive, in this case)