Monday, October 24, 2011

A day that had seen rain...

We've had a day of rain. And lightning. Here it is unusual enough to comment on. Back in South Africa afternoon thunderstorms were an all-too-regular feature of summer, and very hard for a working writer. Something had the dogs very uneasy last night and they had me out of bed far too many times. Yawn.

I made barley and wheat rolls today and was seriously unimpressed. I'll have a go at barley bannocks but I think that may join the list of flours that I do not need to own.

My summer plants are growing reasonably well--It's an endless tail-chase trying to get everything in and up in the warm season, especially with the melons and pumpkins. The seeds are up, they just need to get bigger.


  1. I've missed thunderstorms, and until I moved to Portland I missed rain too. Three years in Colorado and one in Eastern Washington were too dry for me!

    It's strange to see you write of your summer plants as we move through autumn. My favourite season, it doesn't last long enough and winter will be upon us before we know it.

  2. Would the barley flour work for gravies, given barley's ability to suck up water?

    @Cheryl--where in Eastern Washington? Are you talking eastern Eastern Washington, or central Eastern Washington? Almost 2/3 of the state gets described as Eastern Washington.

    Lisa S. in Seattle