Friday, September 30, 2011


B had to starve this morning before giving blood - having a follow-up on some minor issue a while back, (our two doctors appear to be very careful about this sort of thing. I don't know if that's just them, or Australia... but it's different) and to keep her mind from the subject of morning coffee, she was watching some terrible soapy on day time TV. I came through and listened briefly at it and asked 'Is that an Australian programme?' It was, but I wasn't hearing the accent at all. I rather wonder how my South African friends would find my accent had changed. I did notice Barbs' 'Kahr' instead of carr (for automobile :-)) but can't say I've noticed a lot of other bits.


  1. In my younger days it intrigued me the pommies couldn't tell the difference between a South African and Australian accent.

    It wasn't just that they used our actors indiscriminately with regard to country of origin, it was a hoot when an Englishman played an Australian whilst sounding like a South African!

    To a POM we both sing' "The Rhine in Spine Fells Minely on the Pline".


    Still, if I can forgive Americans for pronouncing herbs without the aitch, I guess I'll have to forgive the POMs for not recognising their own cockney accent.

    I doubt I'll ever forgive them for replacing "s" with "z" in so many words. Bunch'a weirdoes.


  2. guess I'm just feeling talkative.


    Today, 1 October.

    Climate is what you expect. Weather is what you get.

    Today was 35 degrees centigrade, blustery winds all day. Weather bureau said "clear skies", instead ugly polluted skies. Go south a couple of hundred Km, its rain day after day, floods happening or looming all the way down southeast QLD coast, all NSW coast, all Vic eastern coast.

    The Southern Oscillation Index seems to have lost its mind.

    I cleaned my desk and computer yesterday, and removed our back door for better painting of our bedroom. Got up 5 am to find a thick coating of ash everywhere. It didn't me a happy budgie and raises my worries of a new drought cycle commencing. Last one was six years, yet doesn't appear that way in the statistics because we had one day in 2003 where we had twice the annual rainfall and a flooded home, one day in 2004 where we had 4 1/2 inches of hail, which destroyed our roof but is counted in statistics as the water resulting from the ice melting.

    I really do not want another cyclonic drenching nor an extremely aggressive hail storm. But, just below those "don't wants" is I REALLY don't want another multi year drought.