Thursday, September 22, 2011

A bun is the lowest form of wheat.

Isn't it funny and not a little bit strange how when you're rushing frantically, everything that can make anything take longer, will? Don't ask how I still in the middle rural tranquility still manage to generate a large chaos field but I do. In theory the wind was not blowing today and I was going to fish off the beach (don't faint. I know. I've spent my life regarding standing with a telegraph pole facing the sea as a rather slow passtime, but I was supposedly going with a few gents who have a few years on me, and they like doing this. And I like to learn, and not always the hard way. Anyway, we had more wind than is a pleasant thing, so it got cancelled.

I sprouted some of my chicken food wheat (I wanted to know if it WOULD grow, or if it was milled or something) and it sprouted so now I have been putting in some wheat (and other things) out of the chicken food into the tracks of the chicken tractor. So whether I get wheat fit for harvest or possibly just more birds (hoping for chicken food is optimistic, as well as buckwheat and sunflowers and peas and garlic and potatoes and broccoli in the chicken tractor track. Most of it is not doing brilliantly, but it's basically if any yield, great. More like experiments. The main veg patches are still producing loads of lettuce, spinach, silver beet, carrots, spring onions, bulb fennel (out of season) and broccoli. I expect the first sugar snaps in the next few days. We've still got some leeks, and parsnips growing slowly, and Scorzonera and Salsify. I've got a little asparagus, and three whole red capsicums (bell peppers - way out of season) and some young tomato plants... My four artichokes are not choking yet:-( So even if the sea has been sparse, the land giveth.

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